Signs You Need To Pump Your Grease Trap

When there's grease accumulation inside your pipes, it may cause plumbing issues such as a blockage. That means that you'll spend a lot of money on plumbing repair or replacement. Additionally, if FOG (fats, oils, and grease) enter the environment, there could be severe consequences. For instance, the oils can settle in water bodies, lowering the oxygen value. Therefore, these oils can endanger marine life. If you want to deal with the grease that comes from your kitchen properly, consider installing a grease trap. However, your grease trap may fill up quickly with time, which is why you need grease trap pumping services. These are indicators that your grease trap requires cleaning.

Slow-Moving Drains

Over time, the grease accumulates in the trap and starts solidifying. Usually, you can view the inside of your trap, but the oil accumulates at the top of the device when it fills up. With all the grease buildup, blockage occurs, and water movement down the drain becomes slow. Thus, if you notice that the drains are slow-moving, contact plumbing services to inspect your pump. If the professionals establish that the trap is full, the experts will do grease trap pumping to eliminate the grease and restore your drainage.

Foul Odor

If you have been smelling a foul odor on your premises, you should determine the source. You can try taking out the trash and cleaning the entire kitchen. If the bad odor persists, check your grease trap. That's because when grease, food waste, and sludge accumulate in your grease trap, the scraps may rot, releasing foul odors. Grease trap pumping helps remove these particles, eliminating the stench. Usually, you need to contact professionals to clean your grease trap since the experts have the right tools and expertise to eliminate the grease fast.

Grease Appearance in Odd Areas

When grease appears in different kitchen areas, such as walls, this shows that you need grease trap pumping. When the grease trapping device fills up, excess fat can sometimes escape via the water pies, faucets, or sewer piping, and the oils will be present in the wrong places. If this is the case, your kitchen may look messy. You can use a pump truck to clean up the trap and restore your kitchen's appearance and safety.

Slow drains, foul odor, and grease in odd areas indicate that you need grease trap pumping. When you see these signs, consider pumping out the grease from your trap. Contact a company that offers grease trap pumping services to learn more.