How To Know When Your Septic Tank Needs Cleaning

There are several key times when you need septic tank cleaning. These key times are usually seasonal or can be after a specific amount of time has passed. These are routine cleanings, but there are times when you may notice your tank needs cleaning before the routine times. If you are new to owning a septic tank, you may not know what the signs of needing a cleaning are. Here are a few and what to know about each one.

Drainage Backup

A clear sign you need a septic tank cleaning is backup in your drains. These backups will start to happen more frequently. You will also notice that they will not be in the same spot each time. For example, you may have a drainage issue in your bathroom. A few days later, you may notice it in your sink or in the laundry room. These drainage blockages and backup are generally not fixed with the use of store-bought liquid pipe cleaners. The backup may also occur when using a sink or dishwasher and seeing the water back up into other parts of the home. 

Odors From Drains

There are several odors you may notice that are indicators of needing septic tank cleaning. The smell of a foul odor from your drains usually means you clean the drain on your own. This could mean using a store-bought liquid cleaner or foam. If the smell is in your dishwasher or garbage disposal, you may use cleaning tabs. If these don't work and the odor seems to be getting worse, contact your septic tank cleaning contractor. They will come and test the lines and determine if the odor is a blockage from your septic tank. 

Smell of Soil

For some homeowners, the key issue that signals a need for septic cleaning is the smell of soil. A strong smell of wet soil or dirt from your kitchen sink or other areas of the home can mean that your septic is backing up and soil is getting into the tank. If this happens, it could mean a full pumping out of the tank and cleaning. You will also want to check that there was no damage to the tank and that your grease trap is also cleaned out properly as well. 

If you notice any of these signs that your septic tank needs cleaning, contact your septic company as soon as possible. Explain the issues you notice and schedule an appointment. The contractor will note the issues and clean the septic tank. They will also let you know if there are any issues to avoid and what may be causing the current issue you have.