Four Warning Signs That Indicate You Might Need Sewer Repair Services

A sewer system is an essential component of every home because it facilitates the easy disposal of wastewater from your toilets. However, the sewer line is prone to damage due to wearing out, getting damaged by tree roots, or even ground movements. When your sewer system is damaged or broken, your entire drain system gets affected because all the drain pipes in your house guide wastewater to your sewer system.

Unfortunately, a sewer system is usually placed underground, making it relatively challenging to determine if it is damaged. However, there are various signs you can look for around the house that will let you know you need to call a sewer repair contractor.

With that in mind, here are four signs that let you know your sewer system has a problem, and thus, you need to call a sewer repair service contractor.

Foul Smell

Sewer systems are typically designed to be airtight to ensure that fouls smells do not escape into the open. Therefore, when you realize foul odors around your compound or near the septic tank, chances are your sewer system is leaking or the septic tank lid is damaged.

In such a situation, it is advisable to call a sewer repair contractor to inspect your sewer system and fix the issue before the foul smell becomes unbearable.

Frequent Backups and Blockages

As mentioned earlier, your sewer system is responsible for draining away wastewater from the house. Hence, if the sewer line gets blocked, the wastewater will not be able to drain away. As a result, you will start to encounter frequent backups in your toilet because when you flush, the water has nowhere to go but back up into the toilet bowl.

It is essential to call a sewer repair contractor at this point to fix the issue immediately. If you delay calling a sewer repair service, your toilets could back up to the point where they start to overflow. If your toilets overflow, you will have to contend with water damage in your house in addition to the foul smells.

Puddles of Sewer Water

When a sewer line gets damaged underground, the wastewater may start to leak. After a while, the leaking water will saturate the soil with water until a puddle of dirty, foul-smelling sewer water forms on the surface.

Hence, it is advisable to learn the layout of your sewer system on your compound. This way, when you come across a puddle of sewer water on your property where a sewer line passes underground, then you can be sure that your sewer line has a problem.

Thus, when you come across such a puddle of water, it is advisable to call a sewer repair expert to fix the issue before the pool of foul-smelling water occupies more of your compound.

Presence of Rodents and Flies

It is essential to note that flies and rodents such as rats and mice are attracted to sewers. As a result, if your sewer system is damaged, you may notice an increased presence of rodents and flies in your compound. Unfortunately, if you don't have your sewer system checked out, the rodents and flies will keep coming back. 

Whenever you notice a combination of rodents and flies in your compound, call a sewer repair contractor to inspect the sewer system for any signs of damages and fix it. Likewise, contact a sewer repair service for more information.