Key Things That Can Be Examined During A Title Five Septic Inspection

There are certain states that mandate title five inspections, which are assessments performed to septic systems on properties. It's important to have one conducted prior to selling a home with a septic system because then these things can be looked at.

Potential Leaks in Tank

Your septic system has a tank where wastewater collects after it moves throughout your home's plumbing. It's important that this structure doesn't have any cracks whatsoever because they can lead to a lot of headaches for the person that ends up buying your home.

You'll know for certain if your septic tank is leaking or if it's in perfect condition when you have a title five inspection carried out by a licensed contractor. They can check the entire tank thanks to their innovative inspection equipment. In the event that leaks are found, the inspector can recommend a repair professional and give you an idea of repair costs. 

Condition of Household Plumbing

Every septic system will have household plumbing that it relies on. These components need to be working well in order for waste to end up in your septic tank. A title five inspection can help you check on the condition and performance of plumbing that corresponds to your septic system.

A licensed inspector can insert cameras inside the plumbing to see where potential issues are. If there are problems, you need to have them addressed. This is particularly true if they prevent you from passing this septic inspection.

Current Waste Levels                                    

You wouldn't want to sell a property with a septic system that's completely full. That would cause added inconvenience to the buyer since they would have to pump the tank shortly after moving in. Rather, it's best to leave them with a tank that has a lot of room to go before it fills up.

You can find out the levels of your waste inside a septic tank when a title five inspection is conducted. The waste levels will be gathered in an accurate way, and then you can have the system pumped if the waste is above where it should be. 

Some states have strict regulations for selling properties with septic systems. They might require title five inspections in particular. If you have one conducted before selling a property with a septic system, you can find out the true condition of this system and components that correspond with it. Then you can make the necessary repairs to pass this inspection and move forward with interested buyers.