Maintaining Your Home's Septic System

There are few parts of your home's plumbing that are more important than the septic system. Any problems with this part of the plumbing can result in major damages and disruptions. While caring for the septic system is a critical responsibility for a homeowner, it does not have to be a complicated or overwhelming process.

Install Grease Traps

Grease is one of the most common sources of problems for septic systems. For those that need to prepare meals for large families, it can be surprisingly easy to produce enough grease to actually damage the septic system. The installation of grease traps for the kitchen sink can be a simple upgrade that can trap the grease that would otherwise go down the drain and enter the septic system. These traps will need to be periodically emptied, but this should only be needed every few weeks or months based on the amount of grease you are producing.

Use Additives Sparingly

Septic tank additives can help to supplement the effectiveness of a system that has an imbalance of the bacteria in the tank. While these additives can help to improve the ability of these systems to break down solid waste, it is important to avoid using an excessive amount of these additives or using them too frequently. Both of these mistakes could actually lead to the decreased performance of the septic tank system. If an excessive amount of these additives are used, they can actually lead to the population of the bacteria in the septic tank crashing due to there not being enough nutrients. For this reason, you should be sure to follow the instructions on the additives as closely as possible so that the bacteria population in the septic tank can be returned to an optimal level.

Track The Maintenance Work You Have Done To Your Septic System

Tracking when your septic tank has had maintenance work done to it can be important for reducing the risk of going too long between these servicings. This is especially useful when it comes to having the septic tank pumped. In most cases, this is a type of maintenance that will only be needed after several years. Failing to record when this work was done can result in forgetting when it was last done, which can make it harder to know when this work needs to be scheduled. Have a dedicated notebook where you can record this information and easily review it in the future so that you can keep your septic system working efficiently.

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