Concerned About Maintaining Your Aging Septic System? How Septic Tank Pumping Services Can Help

Much like an older home, an aging septic system can be more at risk of developing issues that can be expensive or inconvenient to address. While the average septic system is designed to provide decades of reliable service, factors like size, age, and usage levels can result in shortening the lifespan of the system or its major components. Regular maintenance is often the key to avoiding septic system problems and helping to ensure that each system can continue to provide safe and efficient waste processing capabilities throughout its expected lifespan. 

Homeowners who are concerned about an aging residential septic system can use the following information to better understand how septic tank pumping can help them avoid many common septic system problems. 

Restoring tank balance

Septic tanks are most efficient at processing waste when the contents are in proper balance for the digestion process to occur. Colonies of bacteria in a healthy septic tank work to digest solid waste and produce a layer of liquid known as effluent that is gradually released through the baffles to the drainfield for further processing. If the tank is too full, liquids can be pushed out of the tank's baffles before they have been sufficiently processed by bacterial action. Septic pumping services can remove excess waste so that the colonies of bacteria will be better able to process the remaining waste.

Lessening pressure the drain field

Septic tank pumping can also benefit the drainfield and help to prevent it from becoming too saturated to filter waste effectively. When the volume of liquids entering the drainfield is too high, the soil surrounding the perforated pipe used to form the lateral lines will no longer be able to absorb it, turning the soil muddy or even causing raw sewage to pool in the area. This kind of problem often occurs when there are plumbing leaks inside the home that cause excess water to be sent to the septic tank. 

Solving digestibility issues

Most homeowners strive to ensure that family members and guests know what items should not be flushed down the toilet or allowed to enter the drain system. Yet, greasy liquids, harsh chemicals, paper, plastic, and many other materials often end up in the septic tank where they linger in an undigested state. Regular septic tank pumping ensures that indigestible materials are removed regularly so that they do not interfere with the functionality of the septic tank. 

To learn more about how septic pumping can benefit an aging septic system, take time to discuss your situation and concerns with a reputable septic tank pumping service professional in your area. 

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