What Impacts The Cost Of Cleaning Out Your Restaurant Grease Trap?

As someone who owns or manages a restaurant, you have to worry about things like having your grease trap cleaned out. As you might already know, trying to clean it out yourself can be a big and messy job, so you've probably decided to hire a professional grease trap cleaning service to do it for you. What you might be wondering when putting together your restaurant's operating budget, however, is how much you can expect to spend on grease trap cleaning. These are some of the things that might have an impact on what you are charged.

How Big Is Your Grease Trap?

First of all, as you can probably imagine, the size of your grease trap has a big impact on how much you are charged for grease trap cleaning. If you have a smaller restaurant, or if your restaurant does not work with a lot of grease, then you might have a smaller grease trap. If this is the case, then the cost of having your grease trap cleaned out shouldn't be too expensive. If you have a bigger grease trap — which is common in restaurants that serve a lot of fried food or in restaurants that are larger in size — then you can probably expect slightly higher costs.

How Full Is Your Grease Trap?

How full your grease trap is when you call for service is going to impact pricing, too. If you have a bigger grease trap but have it cleaned out before it gets too full, for example, pricing will probably be cheaper. It's also a good idea to have your grease trap cleaned more often to prevent it from getting clogged and to prevent odors in your establishment, too.

How Easy Is It to Access Your Grease Trap?

Some grease traps are easier to access than others. If the access is easily accessible, you probably won't be charged as much for the cleaning. If the person who is cleaning it out has to put in more work and spend more time because of a difficult access, on the other hand, the price might reflect this.

Do Repairs Need to Be Done?

Sometimes the companies that offer grease trap cleaning services will also help with simple repairs if they notice there is something wrong with your grease trap. Of course, if you need to have some type of repair done to your grease trap, you will typically be charged for this.

As you can see, there are a few different considerations that will probably be thought about when a professional gives you a quote for grease trap cleaning in your restaurant. If you chat with someone who offers this service, they should be able to give you an accurate quote for how much your restaurant's grease trap cleaning will cost. Reach out to a professional for grease trap solutions