When Septic System Pumping Doesn't Help

Septic systems play a crucial role in your property. Regular maintenance ensures that this system is running smoothly. Pumping your septic tanks often avoids odors and contamination in case of leaks. You should not engage plumbers to pump your septic system under the listed conditions below, as this will pose a danger not just to yourself but also to the community and ecosystem. 


In case your property has been flooded by water, say from a river bursting its banks or a hurricane, do not attempt septic system pumping. Though your septic tank may desperately need to be pumped, initiating this during floods may cause it to float above the ground, as the floodwaters would access the tank and dislodge it. You can engage plumbers to pump your septic tank only after the waters have receded. 

Apart from dislodging septic tanks during flooding, septic pumping can clog the tank and the drains with mud and silt. When silt accesses your drains, it means that plumbers will have to do an extensive job to clean the drain before restoring the system to normalcy. Pumping during floods can also lead to spillage of raw sewage and its mixture with water, leading to diseases in both people and animals. 

Old and Fragile Construction 

You may notice a bad smell, pooling water, and slow drains in your home, indicating the need for septic system pumping. Indeed, you need to engage plumbers for septic pumping if it has been over three years. When you are not familiar with the septic system, tread carefully. You could be a new landlord ignorant of the drainage system and the sewer in your property. 

Upon examining the septic system, do not rush to have it pumped if you find it old and fragile. Sometimes such old systems stand the risk of collapsing upon being pumped. Have the system inspected to determine its current condition. If you go ahead and pump before a proper examination, the system may collapse and force you to invest in establishing a new one altogether. 

Note that regularly inspecting sewers will help keep track of any developments in your sewer system. Conduct an inspection of your septic tank even before it fills up. After floods or hurricanes have passed, it is important to engage plumbers to examine your sewer system to assure you of its soundness. It is never business as usual after such occurrences, and as such, through work should be done.

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