4 Reasons You Might Experience Toilet Backup and When to Seek Septic Tank Cleaning Services

The septic system is an essential part of your house's plumbing and drainage system. This tank collects wastewater and holds any solid waste before releasing the contaminated water. To ensure your septic tank serves you efficiently, it is advisable to regularly clean and inspect it.

However, most homeowners don't give their septic tank second thought until they experience a problem. The problem with this approach is that septic tank issues can be very messy. So, it is best to understand the leading causes of backup and seek septic tank services. This piece highlights the leading causes of sewage backups and the best ways to avoid them.

 1. The Tank Is Full

The septic tank uses bacteria to break down the solid waste into liquid form. After the breakdown process is complete, sludge forms below the wastewater. As time passes, this layer of sludge keeps growing, leaving little room for fresh waste. If this sludge is not pumped out, this could lead to a sewer backup. The system will start by backing up after heavy use, and if you keep ignoring it, even light use will cause backups. For this reason, it is advisable to call an experienced septic cleaning service to help you manage the issue during its early stages to avoid severe damages.

2. Flushing Solid Objects

Non-flushable materials can lead to significant septic tank issues. Therefore, it is advisable to confirm that the tissue paper you get is septic safe. By testing different tissue brands in a water jar, you can easily choose the best. Always choose a tissue paper that dissolves quickly to minimize the chances of clogging. You can also seek advice from professionals to know what to avoid throwing into your bathroom.

3. Chemical-Based Cleaning Supplies

As mentioned, your septic tank needs bacteria to break down waste. However, if the cleaners you use have a high chemical percentage, they might destroy the microorganisms. Unfortunately, that reduces the septic tank's ability to break down the waste, leading to backup issues. For this reason, it is best to call the professionals to clean your tank since they only use the right products for your septic tank.  

Toilet backup is a serious issue, and no one wants to experience it. So, you should schedule regular cleaning appointments with the professionals to remove anything that may cause the problem. The septic system specialists have the right tools and equipment to clean your system and solve septic problems.