Your Septic Tank Care Guide: 4 Tips For Every Homeowner

If you have a septic tank installed in your residence, there are certain measures you can implement to reduce unnecessary repair costs and increase its life span. For instance, you should be mindful of what goes down the drain if you want it to function smoothly. If you ignore maintenance, you should be prepared to dig deeper into your pockets to replace the tank or conduct repairs. Here are simple tips on how to help you care for your tank. 

Regularly Inspect the Tank

A licensed septic contractor should check the tank every few years. They will check several things during the assessment to ensure your entire septic system is running as it should. For instance, the professional will check if there is a buildup of sludge or if there are clogs within the drain. Such issues can be fixed earlier before they develop into something more serious.

Pump the Tank 

You should never wait until the system develops issues before you can think of pumping it. This is one of the most important maintenance tools that will guarantee the smooth functioning of the system. Regular pumping will prevent costly repairs, such as clogged drains. You should book an appointment with an expert septic pumper to pump it every three to five years for optimal performance.

Don't Ignore Minor Problems

When you spot a minor problem in the system, you should immediately contact the plumbing professional to come and fix it. Many people tend to ignore minor issues, not knowing that they can turn into huge, costly problems if left unchecked. Remember, the cost of fixing minor problems is lower than that of extensive repairs or replacing the entire system.

Never Flush Trash Down the Drain

You want to avoid treating the tank as a trash can. Apart from the toilet paper, sewage waste, and water, nothing else should be flushed down the drain. Some items you should avoid flushing include baby wipes, grease, pads, cotton swabs, kitchen towels, newspapers, and cat litter. Throwing these items down the drain can destroy the bacteria that treat and digest the waste in the tank.

These are the simple measures you need to do to take care of the septic tank in your dwelling. You can be assured that the tank will function efficiently and last for many years if you adhere to these tips. If you spot any issues or problems, you should hire a reputable septic professional to come and fix them.

Contact a local septic system service to learn more.