Advantages Of Regular Septic Backup Pumping

Septic pumping refers to removing scum, sludge, and effluent from your septic tank to optimize its functionality. It ensures your septic tank is well maintained, lasts long, and prevents backups. A septic tank backup is when the wastewater flows back into your plumbing system to your home due to a blocked septic tank. Below are reasons why you should regularly pump your septic tank to prevent backups.

Improves Septic Tank Efficiency

Don't wait too long to conduct maintenance services when dealing with complex and essential systems such as your septic tank. Just because your septic tank isn't leaking or smelly, that's not a sign it's working in top condition. Other issues may be affecting your septic systems, such as slow drainage and backups. Therefore, arrange for regular septic pumping services with your plumber to prevent such issues from building up and causing significant problems.

Reduces Health Risks

Poorly maintained septic systems often block or back up, leading to sewage leaks which are a dangerous health hazard due to the bacteria and other harmful germs in the leaks. When the waste from your septic tank leaks into the soil, it could come into contact with groundwater. That becomes dangerous for you and your family, primarily if you use groundwater for drinking and cleaning. Therefore, regularly pumping your septic system is the best way to protect your drinking water from contamination.

Prevents Septic Tank Blockages

There are plenty of things you should not flush down your septic tank, such as diapers, sanitary products, plants, pieces of cloth, etc. That's because they easily clog your pipes, leading to backups and forcing you to use plenty of water when cleaning and flushing your toilet. Aside from backups, they also cause leaks. Therefore, if you suspect any of these items are in your septic pump, arrange for immediate septic backup pumping and warn your household from flushing these items down the drain.

Save You Money

Septic pumping is a major septic system maintenance service every homeowner must carry out. This maintenance service ensures you maintain your septic tank in top shape, avoid damage, and increase its lifespan. The United States Environmental Protection Agency recommends you pump your septic tank every 3 to 5 years. While you'll pay to pump your septic tank, doing so within the recommended timelines makes this service highly affordable. At the very least, septic tank backup pumping costs are lower than emergency repair or septic system replacement costs. So, if you regularly pump your septic tank, you'll save money on repair or replacement costs.

Final Words

Now that you know the advantages of regular septic backup pumping, it's time to take action. This service requires skilled personnel, so call a professional plumber now if you need septic tank backup pumping or other septic system maintenance services.