Septic Tank Pumping Mistakes To Avoid

If you have a septic tank, make sure you pump it annually. Septic tanks break up a lot of waste. However, there are waste particles the septic tank cannot break up—unless you pump the tank, these waste materials cannot be removed. Here are some septic tank pumping mistakes you should avoid. 

Septic Tanks Should Be Pumped to Unclog Them

If you have problems with your septic tank, you should consult a professional before you pump it. Many wrongly assume they can unclog their drain pipes by pumping their septic tanks. However, after pumping the tank, it will soon get full. Therefore, this is a temporary solution to clogs. As a result, you will spend more money to fix the blockages.

Septic Tanks Should Be Pumped When They Are Full

Septic tanks are full from the outlet pipe to the bottom. This is why you shouldn't pump a septic tank because it is full. Hire an expert to inspect your tank and determine if it should be pumped out.

A septic tank fills up days after it is pumped out. Afterward, it discharges a liquid effluent to the absorption field. You should only pump out a septic tank if the scum and sludge layers take up a significant area leaving a small liquid area. This is because when these layers occupy a larger space, they reduce the liquid effluent retention time.

Septic Tanks Shouldn't Be Cleaned After They Are Pumped

Pumping your septic tank only removes the accumulated waste inside the tank that isn't broken down. However, for your septic tank to work effectively, you should also clean it. When a septic tank pumping service cleans your tank, they remove debris at the sides, not only the debris hanging around. This results in a cleaner environment and enables your tank to work more effectively.

Septic Tanks Should Be Pumped Without Scheduling an Inspection

Before pumping your septic tank, you should schedule an inspection. This allows an expert to identify any problems with the tank and recommend appropriate solutions. Pumping a septic tank before an inspection prevents you from identifying potential problems. Failing to pay for an inspection to save money will lead to costly problems in the future.

In Closing

Septic tank pumping is recommended to avoid issues such as slow-draining toilets and a foul smell in the house. When choosing a septic tank pumping service, choose one that offers various services, including cleaning and inspections. Also, compare the quotes of different service providers to find the one best suited for your specific needs.

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