How To Prepare For Septic Tank Pumping

Having a septic tank on your property requires some maintenance. One of the primary things you must do is pump the tank. Of course, you can't pump it yourself. Instead, you hire a company that offers this service. You should get your tank pumped every few years or more often. You can ask the company about the frequency, but you must also prepare for this service. So how do you prepare? Keep reading to learn what you must do to prepare for septic tank pumping services.

Locate the tank

First, your septic tank is somewhere in your yard. You might know where it is, as you might see the lid on the ground. However, many people don't know where their tanks are. After all, a tank is underground, and while it has a lid, grass and debris can cover it. If you haven't ever had a company pump it, you might need to spend some time looking for it. Finding it is better, but a septic tank company can locate it if you can't.

Dig it up

Next, dig it up. If you can find the tank, dig up around it to expose the entire lid. The company must remove the lid to empty the tank. Thus, the job will go faster if the company can access the lid without digging.

Clear a path

It's also important to clear a path to the tank. The company will show up with a large tank truck that has a hose — but the length of the hose varies. Typically, septic tank companies like to get as close to the tank as possible. So you might want to prepare an idea and a path for this to occur.

Have the funds to pay for it

Additionally, you must have the money for the services. You can ask what payment methods they accept. Most accept cash and credit cards, but some might also accept personal checks.

Prepare your questions

Finally, prepare your questions. When the septic company arrives, it's the perfect time to ask questions. You can ask about frequency or maintenance. You can also ask about ways to prevent septic issues.

Contact a septic tank pumping company

Pumping your tank regularly helps your system work well. It also helps you avoid problems and repairs. So get on a schedule by contacting a septic tank pumping company. They can pump your tank and help you determine the best schedule for your home and needs.