Reasons For Hiring Emergency Septic System Services

Septic systems store wastewater, which undergoes partial treatment through anaerobic processes. After treatment, the septic tank's drain field releases the treated water to the ground. However, septic system emergencies like bursting may occur. In such cases, you need to contact emergency septic system services, and here's why. 

Environmental Protection

Incidents like the bursting of septic tank pipes may endanger the environment. For example, wastewater may seep into the ground, contaminating underground water sources. Also, the wastewater may contain toxic chemicals from cleaning agents, harming soil living organisms, including beneficial bacteria. Besides, the wastewater may contain chlorofluorocarbons, which may destroy the ozone layer if at high levels.

Fortunately, emergency septic system services can provide quick fixes to major septic tank problems, preventing prolonged exposure of the environment to harmful wastewater. This protects the environment.


Since septic tanks are underground, monitoring their levels may be challenging. Therefore, your tank level may rise unexpectedly, especially with increased wastewater volume. If your septic system exceeds its capacity, wastewater leakage may occur, resulting in flooding. The wastewater may contain harmful bacteria that may cause infections upon contact.

In such cases, residential septic tank pumping may be necessary. Professionals open the septic system and may use a suction hose to suck the wastewater and sludge from the tank into a truck. Then, the services dispose of the wastewater safely in treatment plants.

Property Protection

Septic tank emergencies may cause damage to your property. For example, major leakage from giant cracks or holes may cause waterlogging. The excess water may settle in your foundation, threatening your home's structural integrity. Hence, you may need to do foundation repair, which is costly. Also, flooding may cause floor damage or excess moisture build-up in your home, which may encourage mold growth.

Emergency septic services can inspect your septic system to identify the leakage points. After that, the professionals may fix the leakage, preventing water-related damage to your property. Also, residential septic system pumping may be a practical solution if the leak is due to septic system overflow.

Property Value

Septic emergencies may damage your septic system severely. For instance, above-ground pressure may result in the crumbling of your old septic tank. Therefore, if potential buyers view your property and see a damaged septic tank, they may assume your entire property is equally unkempt. This may turn off the buyers or attract low property prices. Emergency septic system services can help maintain your septic tank in excellent condition, preserving your home's value.

Emergency septic system services protect the environment and your health, prevent property damage and preserve your home's value. Consider hiring emergency septic tank professionals for these reasons.