At Least One Porta Potty May Be Needed When You Host An Event

If you're hosting any kind of event that doesn't have access to toilets, then you'll need to rent a porta potty. If your event is very large, you'll need multiple potties. The rental company can help you determine the number and type of potties you need. If the event is for employees while they're on the job, there are laws you need to follow about having the right number of toilets at the site. If you've never rented a porta potty before, the rental company will help you through the process. Here are some things that are worth knowing.

There Are Different Sizes

You've probably seen basic potties at sporting or music events. These are small boxes that contain a toilet and hand sanitizer for washing your hands. There are larger potties, potties with running water, handicap-access potties, and even trailers for a luxury experience.

Anything beyond a basic potty costs more to rent, but they're nicer to have. You might want a larger potty or a luxury porta potty for an outdoor wedding or even for a pool party when you want to impress your friends. In most cases, a basic model will be all you need.

They Come With Everything Needed

The portable toilets come with everything needed to last during your rental period. This includes toilet paper and hand sanitizer. The toilet is delivered stocked and then picked up when your event is over. If you're renting a toilet for an extended time, the rental company may need to come and empty the toilet on a set schedule and restock its supplies.

It's possible a toilet can be abused when it's used by a lot of people at an event, so you may need your staff to check on your toilet to clean and stock it during the day. However, since they don't flush, you don't need to worry about the toilet backing up.

Portable Toilets Can Be Staked

It's important to place a porta potty on level ground so it won't fall over. If you have concerns about someone trying to tip the toilet over, ask for stakes. The rental company should be able to provide stakes that keep the toilet secure and prevent it from tipping over. You might also place the toilet close to a wall so it can't be pushed over.

Protecting the potty from strong wind might be a good idea if storms are expected during your rental period. Stakes can hold the potty in place during a strong wind gust. You might also consider placing the potty in a protected place, but the space you choose has to be easily reached by the truck that delivers and picks up the toilet.

To learn more about what a porty potty can provide for your event, contact a professional near you.