Should You Upgrade Your Sump Pump? What Your Plumber Wants You To Know

One of the things that you should discuss with your plumber is any potential indications that your sump pump might be insufficient or malfunctioning. The more you understand about your home's sump pump and the basics of upgrading an insufficient system, the easier it is to protect your home from excess water issues and plumbing problems. Your plumber can help you explore new opportunities, including the advancements in technology that help your sump pump work more efficiently and effectively.

How Is Your Current System?

Talk with your plumber about the current sump pump system, including its shortcomings and successes. Consider elements such as the age and capacity of the system. The older your sump pump is, the more likely it is that you're better off with a new unit. Think about the existing pump's horsepower, capacity, and water flow. Identify the shortcomings of the system that you currently have so that you can better determine what you need from your new pump.

Why Should You Upgrade Your Sump Pump?

There are many advantages to upgrading your sump pump. Talk with your plumber about the options available for increasing the pump capacity, improving the energy efficiency of the system, and even reducing the noise with a quieter system. Installing a new sump pump also gives you peace of mind that you have a reliable, consistent pump to fall back on when you need it.

What Should You Consider When Upgrading Your Sump Pump?

If it's time to upgrade your sump pump, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. Think about whether you want a pedestal pump or a submersible unit. Remember that submersible units are usually quieter and stay out of sight, though you might have more extensive installation. You should also consider incorporating a battery backup system to keep your basement protected from water damage and plumbing issues even when the power grid fails.

Talk with your plumber about the new sump pump options that include smart system integration and in-home alarms to alert you when the pump is malfunctioning or not responding. The more you consider now, the more valuable that upgrade process is.

Reach out to a local plumber today about pumping services that you have in your home. Installing a newer, more efficient pump helps you keep your basement drier and protected from damage in the face of plumbing issues, flooding, or similar challenges. Your plumber can help you with the proper next steps.